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The design of serial OEM anti-rollbar ends is based on spherical uniballs, so it?s the part that will spend rather quickly. Especially on the road with poor quality.
Construction, which we suggest has no disadvantages. Polyurethane, which forms the connecting element silencing is resistant both on road conditions and weather.
Very effectively stifle virtually no vibration wearing.
An additional bonus is the proposed construction of a delicate improve the running characteristics.
Spherical power before moving on stick stabilizer must be quite extended on the one hand, (near the internal curve), and tightly on the other (near the outer curve).
Polyurethane does not give the slack in the proposed construction, and stick stabilizer starts to work immediately.

We give You the highest quality product structure similar to the elements used in car-sports, adapted to the requirements of the average driver and not causing the loss of comfort.
You have to feel it in Your own vehicle!

The kit utilises a high tensile extruded alloy link fitted with ultra low compliance synthetic elastomer bushings. Critical hardware is replaced with high tensile components to match the higher loads. The result is much more precise and direct roll control with up to 25% more effective bar rate available at lower wheel deflection points. This does NOT mean an outright increase in your bar rate but rather a quickening of its effect allowing more bar rate earlier. Link shape and bush mounts are designed to allow maximum sway bar articulation to ensure full suspension travel while acting more directly under vertical load. Standard length maintains correct sway bar operation.

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