3S-GTE rear engine mount (black color)

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3S-GTE rear engine mount (black color)

Rear engine mount is the mount at the back of the engine, near the firewall.


The transmission end and timing belt end mounts support the full weight of the drive train, while the front and rear mounts control the torque produced by the engine. With age, heat, and possibly a little more power than Toyota intended, these mounts can deteriorate over time and allow the engine to move too much under acceleration and engine braking.

A hard launch can lurch the engine back and forth violently, and reduce the amount of power actually transmitted to the ground.


This replace the stock rubber rear mount with solid polyurethane. A steel insert keeps the poly mounts centered and locates the thru-bolt. With this bush installed, the car will be more responsive to throttle input, launch more effectively, and the LSD will engage more reliably.

These mount will fully replace the old rubber mounts, not merely fill the holes in them. Parts should be installed in professional workshop by mechanic.

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