ST205 / ST202 – FRONT SUSPENSION ARMS SET (Super Strut Suspension – SSS)

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Front arms set for ST205 / ST202:

This is a “plug and play” set to change your ST205 front suspension.

We service ST205 / ST202 Super Strut suspension for many years in our workshop, our clients are pleased with the quality and prices of our joints and new bushes.

All parts and bushes are made in European Union.

– 4 arms with reconditioned joints and new polyurethane bushes [8 reconditioned joints, 2 new bushes]

– 2x Figure8 elements



– 2x top joints – connecting strut to the hub, as pictured below (NEW, from Toyota dealer) – 58eur each (110eur for a set of 2 joints)

– 2x crash tubes for banana arms bushes (NEW, from Toyota dealer) – set of 2 – price 19eur.

If you like to order + option above, please contact me. 


All arms are sand blasted to avoid any rust, painted black and all joints are reconditioned, with 12 months warranty.


Note: All front suspension arms and Figure8 elements are sold on a exchange basis, it means you should send us your suspension arms and we will send you reconditioned set in 2-3 business days. If you can’t send your suspension elements for exchange (for example: you use your car every day or just have no option to do this) refundable surcharge/deposit will apply (please calculate this in your order).  This deposit will be refund to your paypal account in 1 business day after you will send us back your old suspension arms,  please provide parcel number and carrier name.

Please understand that buyer is responsible for old parts return shipping cost, please check your shipping costs from you to us before buy. Please contact us for any questions before buy.


Warranty policy (Please read before placing order):

1. 12 months warranty for ball-joints and bushes (since the date of delivery).

2. All parts are inspected once again before send to customer.

3. All parts should be installed by qualified workshop.

4. If parts are damaged in some way or you think joints does not work correct, please contact me at ,  you will need to send us broken part (buyer needs to pay shipping cost).

Your part will be inspected, repaired and send you back on our cost.

Replacing one or more of the parts as warranty service does not causes warranty Extension.

5. Warranty is only for ball-joints and bushes, we do not give any warranty for rubber joint covers and paint-job cause paint-job is only addition and it is free.

6. There is no warranty for race use, off road rally, etc.

7. By placing an order the buyer accepts all the conditions of the warranty.


For any questions, please feel free to ask.

Please advice that if you change only one arm and there are a good joints, and in other arms are bad joints, it may cause the good arm failure. For example if you change only control arms, without Figure8 links and without banana arms, it may cause they will not work correct and the joints will live shorter. Also it is rocommended to check the top joint connecting the strut to the hub. It may cause problems also if it is bad.

Please understand that you buy parts after refurbish, this are not a new parts. I can also order new parts for you at Toyota dealer if you like.

If you have any questions, please contact me before placing order, to avoid any inaccuracies.



Additional information

Package weight up to 19 kg
I like to pay refundable deposit and will send my old suspension arms later

Yes, I like to pay deposit, No, I will send my arms first

Please notice that because of COVID-19 not all shipping options can be available. If your country option is not available please contact about shipping prices and options - we will check best options.